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  • Preparing to launch a new body of work or offer?
  • Unsure how to navigate all of the options available to create a framework for a new offering?
  • Overwhelmed with the details involved in implementation and unsure how to break the process down into manageable steps?
  • Wanting to create a plan that is supportive of you and your business, but feeling lost in all the noise of the online business world?

An Anchor & Align Session will help you find clarity and create a plan for your next steps – and feel energized to implement it. 

The Anchor & Align Session guides you in exploring and strategizing around the delivery of one path of your work. This includes assessing your customer journey, designing your customer experience in accessing and engaging with your work, incorporating your new offers into your current offer framework, and evaluating the tech tools to support delivery. This session is ideal if you are established in your work and adding a new body of work to your offers and if you already have a strong or established brand presence or other strategy support.

In an Anchor & Align Session we co-create a timeline for implementation (with phases, if needed), leaving you with a clear path forward and the confidence in knowing what should be created and implemented and when to support your business expansion.

As with all of our work, we approach the session through a holistic lens, ensuring that your next steps are the most impactful for where your business is right now, and that your goals are based in sustainability – for your budget, for your capacity, for your lifestyle.

The Anchor & Align Session includes:

The Anchor & Align Session includes:


Should you decide to hire us for a bespoke website, branding or a comprehensive integration package, your Ecosystem Audit investment can be applied to the cost of that project (if booked within 6 weeks of your session). And, we’ll be able to dive into the work headfirst with a solid plan to guide us.

The Anchor & Align Process




Your Session


90 Minute Session
Video Call


Your Customized Strategy
is Delivered
within 1 Week



Please use the scheduler below find a spot on our calendar for your session.

To secure your spot with a deposit rather than the full session fee, please enter the code ANCHOR_50.
You’ll be able to pay 50% of the session cost now and the remainder before your scheduled session.  

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